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The most important recipe at Hot Mama’s Foods is our dedication to outstanding customer service and highly productive partnerships. Our quality controls are among the strictest. Our food safety has never been compromised.

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Hot Mama’s product development team explores trends, science breakthroughs, and a universe of taste to deliver real innovation.

Flavor Profiling

The product development team at Hot Mama’s Foods can match your existing benchmark recipes and upgrade them to today’s tastes, if that is your goal.

  • Hot Mama’s Foods brings to the table more than two decades of hands-on experience working successfully with top brands.
  • With facilities in Springfield, MA, and Chicago, IL, Hot Mama's Foods can serve you and your discerning customers nationwide.
  • Partnering with Hot Mama’s Foods, you can develop new and exciting recipes to satisfy all of the current taste trends.
  • Hot Mama’s long-standing reputation for strict confidentiality closely guards your private label recipes.